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In light of inequity in the prevailing practice of international trade, the notion of Fair Trade was conceived to offer better trading conditions to and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers, with a long term goal of attaining sustainable development.
It is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and mutual respect, with suppliers and distributers complying with a set of recognized standards and rules in their operations.

World Fair Trade Organization ASIA (WFTO ASIA) is the regional representative of WFTO (formerly known as IFAT), supplying fair trade food and handicrafts made in Asian countries and fostering exports in different regions. With its well established partnerships and network, it also acts as an exchange platform of technical expertise and management strategies for its members. 
Working across the board with producers, workers, service providers, intermediaries, public institutions and consumers, WFTO ASIA endeavors to promote fair trade principles in Asia and realise social and environmental justice in world trade.

10 Standards of Fair Trade are prescribed by WFTO to be closely observed by its members, who must have 100% Fair Trade commitment in their mission and activities.  The WFTO Guarantee System guarantees that FAIR CIRCLE is in compliance with the global Fair Trade Principles and the WFTO FT Standard.
To learn how FAIR CIRCLE and our partners practise the 10 Fair Trade principles, you may download the 10 Fair Trade principle boards.

10 Fair Trade principles

1. Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers

2. Transparency and Accountability  

3. Sustainable Trading Practices   

4. Payment of a Fair Price    

5. Preventing Child Labour and Forced Labour                 

6. Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association                             

7. Provides Safe and Healthy Working Conditions

8. Building up Capacities of Producers

9. Promotion of Fair Trade

10.Sustainable Environmental Practice

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