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About order and online shopping,please click here.

Q: Where are the FAIR CIRCLE retail stores? Opening hours?
A: FAIR CIRCLE has several stores. Address and opening hours

Q: Can retail stores accept credit card or EPS?
A: We accpet cash and credit card.

Q: How can I become a Fair Circle member?
A: Registration at online shop creates customer account only;  it does not render membership status automatically. If you wish to become our member for more fair trade info and 10% discount on regular priced items, please click here, or register at FAIR CIRCLE retail store.

Q: If I am a Fair Circle member, am I eligible for discounts?
A: Fair Circle members with valid membership card enjoy a 10% off on regular priced items. For online shop, member discount applicable to cheque or bank transfer payment method only. Members will receive newsletters on fair trade information, producer profiles, and our event updates. Members will enjoy priority in joining events organized FAIR CIRCLE and partner agencies.

Q: How do I order online?
A: Click here.

Q: Any order confirmation after I’m done with online shopping?
A: Our staff will contact you and confirm orders within 2 working days after you complete shopping. Once order confirmed and paid, your products will be delivered within 4 working days.

Q: How can I pay?
A: You can pay through PayPal, bank transfer, send a postal check or pay cash in person at a Fair Circle retail stores.

Q: Is there a handling charge for online shopping?
A: If the transaction is paid through PayPal, there is a $20 administration fee for every order (flat fee, regardless of invoice amount)

Q: If I choose to pay online, must I create a PayPal account?
A: If you choose to pay through PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal website for your login to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay as customers using a credit card (Visa/Master/American Express). PayPal will not disclose your financial information to the seller. For further information about privacy protection, please visit the PayPal website.  

Q: How to make bank transfer?
A: HSBC account: 534-716436-838
Account Name: Hong Kong Fair Trade Power Limited

Please send a copy of the deposit slip to us via email or fax, and indicate your name, contact number, and purchase order number. We will process your order immediately.
FAX: 3188 0064    |    Email﹕info@hkfairtradepower.com

Q: Any delivery fee and restrictions to delivery area?
Free delivery for purchases of HKD500 or above, HKD40 delivery fee will be charged for purchases under HKD500. FAIR CIRCLE reserves the right to add surcharge or reject delivery requests for outlying islands, residential compounds, rural New Territories, and the airport etc. Please contact us for further enquiry. Delivery time is Monday to Friday 2.00pm to 6.00pm. Please contact us for other delivery time. FAIR CIRCLE reserves the right to add surcharge or reject delivery requests.

Q: Can I pay upon delivery?
A: FAIR CIRCLE online shop will only deliver after payment is received. Deliveryman shall not  accept any payment on behalf of FAIR CIRCLE.

Q: Can I return the goods?
A: Please check the goods on receipt. If there is any problem, please contact FAIR CIRCLE immediately and take the goods to our office or stores for change within 14 days upon receipt of goods.
- Please keep the product intact and true copy of invoice.
- FAIR CIRCLE reserves the right to the final interpretation of our change policy.

Q: Why some products are on sale?
A: We launch sale promotion on certain items in light of stock level, expiry date, and our own promotion strategy. Inventory reduction lowers the cost and risk of storage, and speed up stock turnover for better adaptability to customers’ needs.
Q: Will price reduction reduce the income of farmers?
A: FAIR CIRCLE pays the farmers at a mutually agreed price at the procurement stage. Price reduction will only reduce FAIR CIRCLE’s income. For some small farmers groups, we would pay before production commences to ensure they have sufficient funds to buy raw materials and accessories. Normally procuring parties pay after the receipt of goods.

Q: How much will go to the producers for the price I pay?
A: In coming to a reasonable and mutually agreed price with producer groups, FAIR CIRCLE takes into consideration the local wage rates, living standard, unit cost (manpower, time, raw material) and needs for community building (e.g. social development fund). On average, 20%-50% of the retail price of a product will go to the producers (subject to stock velocity, market size, and the nature of products), while the rest will go towards transportation, packaging, operating costs in Hong Kong (rents, wages, warehouse, and waste etc.). In mainstream markets, producers can only get 5%-8% of the retail price. Some produces for major brands for a meager 1%-3%.
More more details, please take an example of the price structure of FAIR CIRCLE Organic Ginger Powder 

Q: Does FAIR CIRCLE distribute surplus as bonus to shareholders?
A: FAIR CIRCLE, operated by the social enterprise “Hong Kong Fair Trade Power”, will devote all proceeds after operating costs to Fair Trade movement such as advocacy, education activities, producer development and training etc. No proceeds and assets will be distributed to anyone.

Q: Are Fair Trade products more expensive?
A: To compare price fairly, one has to consider weight, place of original, and quality of similar product, and whether they are organic. Most of the FAIR CIRCLE products are ranked between mid-range and economical comparing to the mainstream counterparts. Only those heavy items from remote areas will be priced slightly higher due to transportation cost and scale. FAIR CIRCLE strives to minimize production and operating costs, in the hope of popularizing Fair Trade products and getting involved people from across the spectrum. Yet we resist any low-cost, large-scale production that is harmful to the environment and producers, and any unjust practices that shift the cost of cheap goods to others and to our future generations. We care about safety and durability of products, and sustainability arisen from by the mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and producers.


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